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Welcome to The Butcher’s Blogs.

These blogs will be a series on entries detailing life and any exciting news that goes on here at The Butchers Quarter whether it’s the team having fun or any important events and that are coming up in the future so stay tuned for our Butcher’s Blogs!



The Butcher’s Quarter invites you to a French Feast

On 18th October, The Butcher’s Quarter will be playing a key role in a grand French Feast at Mackie Mayor market.

Tickets are still on sale and the team is inviting you to snap a few up before they sell out.

The French Feast event will see food vendor Rotisserie partnering up with The Butcher’s Quarter, Reserve Wines and Northern Flowers to lay on an elaborate French-style banquet.

In a first for Mackie Mayor, tables will be reserved for the occasion, which will have an exclusive guest list of just 30 people.

The Butcher’s Quarter will be providing the lamb for the event and will be delivering a talk on the provenance of the meat, as well as a pro-carving demonstration at the feast.

The lamb, which will be served with jus and cucumber and mint relish, will be the pièce de résistance of a four-course menu, which also includes choux pastry with comte cheese, confit chicken and mushroom terrine and fig and pistachio tart.

Butcher Richard Silverman, who will be delivering the carving demo, said: “The lamb we will be providing for the event is sourced from one local farmer. We are one of the very few people who supply his meat.

“It’s the best lamb I’ve ever eaten. The quality comes from how well looked after the lambs are. I know for a fact that in lambing season the farmer is up almost 24 hours a day delivering each lamb by hand.”

The only butchers in Manchester’s centre, The Butcher’s Quarter is regularly involved in foodie events around the city.

On Saturday 29th September, we supplied the chicken for the Jasmine Hemsley and Trove supper club, which was part of the Manchester Food and Drink Festival. On Monday 8th October our team presented an award at the festival, too.

Supplying Manchester with local, quality produce is a key part of The Butcher’s Quarter philosophy. We also supply the city with pork, chicken, beef, cheeses and other deli items, all sourced from local producers, and we make our own rainbow-variety sausages in-house, too.

To get tickets to the French Feast head to the Event Brite website.




The Butcher’s Quarter Manchester joins forces with Social Sugar PR and Digital Agency




Red, white, blue and bees

For the next few weeks there will be a little extra fanfare in The Butcher’s Quarter.

Firstly, because we’ll be celebrating British Food Fortnight from 22nd September onwards. Secondly, because we’ll be playing a key role in Manchester Food and Drink Festival between 27th September and 8th October.

Provenance with a capital P

Of course, The Butcher’s Quarter doesn’t really need any additional excuses to celebrate great British food. We doth our caps to regional meats, cheeses, chutneys and drinks all year round.

Those counters you see in the shop may look like typical butcher’s shop displays at first sight, but peer a little closer and you’ll see they’re actually pedestals – pedestals to local produce.

Take our lamb. We source most of it from Helmshore, less than 20 miles from the doorstep of our shop. The farm is family run and has been for generations.

Due to the way it’s reared, the lamb from the farm is extra rich and tender. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. References come in the form of the British Quality Assured standard mark that it’s been awarded.

The lion’s share of our pork comes from a farm less than 20 miles away, too. Then there’s our beef. We’ve cherry picked farms in the Peak District to supply the meat for our joints and steaks that eventually become your Saturday date night dinners and Sunday roasts.

The beef is naturally reared to ensure it’s of podium-placing quality – tender with a full flavour.

The next pin in our map of local produce can be found stuck into Highbury, where we source our chicken from. It goes without saying that it’s free range, and the farm has been producing it for half a century, so they’ve turned rearing chickens into a fine-art. The result is a juicy meat that doesn’t shrink when you cook it.

And we can’t do a round-up of our local produce without name-checking our cheese producers. J J Sandham is our cheese consultants. Based in Ramsbottom, the Sandham family has been making cheese since 1929 and the experience shows. Our in-store deli section is stocked with smoked, silky, and blended varieties.



British Food Fortnight

Despite being besotted with local produce all year round, we’ll be shouting about it even louder for British Food Fortnight.

And, since we always put our own twist on things, as per The Butcher’s Quarter difference – it wasn’t only Sinatra that did it his way – we’ll be re-coining the traditional phrase Keep Calm and Carry On to Keep Calm and Carry Out for the two weeks of British Food Fortnight.

Come into the store and pick up everything from sausages and steaks to chorizo – all made in Britain.

Manchester Food and Drink Festival

As the only butchers’ store in central Manchester, The Butcher’s Quarter is as integral part of the city’s foodie scene. That’s why we’re playing a key role in the city’s food and drink festival this year.  We are sponsoring the Best Street Food Trader award this year!

We’ll be supplying the chicken for the Jasmine Hemsley and Trove supper club, which will take place in the festival’s igloo-esque Dining Dome on Saturday 29th September.

Wellness goddess, lifestyle guru, and author of the recently released recipe book East by West, Jasmine Hemsley, will be cooking up the chicken as part of an Ayurvedic dining experience.

Watch out for more breaking news on our social media pages in the coming weeks.